In low spirits??? Don’t worry have a pic of Ten.


In low spirits???
Don’t worry have a pic of Ten.


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ancientdeath whispered:
"I have something to show you, will you come?"


"S’pose I could. Who are you?"


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Late Night | | confusingdream | | Closed

The Doctor stretched and stared blearily at the console. He’d found himself sleeping less and less lately and he knew he wouldn’t go to bed for at least a few hours yet. With a small yawn, he made a quick decision and dove under the control panel. A bit of tinkering would keep him awake a bit longer.

A pair of blue paws on the edge of his vision alerted him to the fact that he wasn’t alone and he smiled. “Couldn’t sleep?”

Bridging The Divide | | bluesandpointeshoes | | Closed


Sometimes, Tabatha found it easier to just pretend that certain recent nights hadn’t taken place. At the time, it hadn’t seemed a problem to find herself so involved with, put bluntly, an alien. But the extent of his mind, his memories and his past stretched so much wider than her own, and she often wondered if he could be content with a partner that couldn’t understand some of the images in his brain that he recalled most fondly.

She was in the library when the Doctor found her. In the past, she’d never been much of a reader, but the knowledge that could be found in these particular books appealed to even the least academic of people. At the sound of his voice, she looked up from the page and smiled, tucking a strand of hair that had fallen across her vision behind her ear. “Sure,” she responded, closing the book on her lap but keeping her finger within the pages to save her place. “What’s up?”

The Doctor smiled lightly when he found her in the library, pausing a moment to appreciate how cute she looked curled over a book with her hair falling into her face. When she looked up at him, the smile turned a bit serious, but gently so. Clearing his throat a bit uncomfortably, he stepped further into the room and flopped into the seat opposite Tabatha.

"D’youn remember a few nights back when I, sort of, well…linked up with your mind?" He winced. It was a strange conversation to begin no matter how you approached it. He rubbed awkwardly at the back of his neck. "You didn’t…understand a lot of it, did you?" Immediately, he realized how that might sound and spoke quickly to cover it. "Completely my fault. I— Well…I’ve never tried to do it before…with a human— I didn’t go about it the right way and I just…wondered if you’d be willing to try again?"

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Curse of the Vortex Manipulator | John and Ten


John  let out a yelp as his manipulator dropped him right into an alley in 2006 London, it dropped him close enough to the wall that he was sure he was going to end up running smack into it, the ganger time lord grumbling as he got his balance and he glared at his vortex manipulator.

"That was not funny," He growled at it as he took out his sonic and started to adjust the settings of the still active vortex manipulator, John leaving the small alleyway and going to a small cafe where he ordered some tea and a few biscuits before sitting outside and  he resumed messing with his manipulator, trying to find just what was making it act up.

A blip appeared on the scanner as the TARDIS drifted lazily through the vortex. Someone was using an unauthorized vortex manipulator and, for once, it wasn’t Jack. Donning his brainy specs and squinting at the screen, the Doctor began to triangulate its location.

"London, 2006," he mused aloud. "Funny place for a random vortex manipulator…"

A moment later, he had pointed the ship in the direction of the signal and was headed back to Earth. A quick search of the area, upon arrival, turned up nothing, but luckily the owner of the device wasn’t that hard to spot tinkering with it outside of a cafe. 

"That’s a fancy piece of technology," he mused, by way of a greeting.

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The place was barren. The Master had no idea where he was, he knew he was lost on whatever useless planet he was on. There was nothing in sight, he wasnt even sure if there was anybody civilised living there. He carried on walking. He was too tired and was getting too old to want to cause trouble anymore. It had taken him this long to realize it wasn’t worth it. He had finally realized being alone wasnt so great. He wasn’t sure he would admit to needing anybody. He never did.

Though he wanted to get off the planet. It was worse than being stuck on earth. At least earth had food and safe places to sleep. He was getting tired and hungry. The Master felt the tempreture around him drop. That really didn’t please him all that much.

"Damn," He growled. He carried on walking. He wasnt sure how he was even going to get off the planet still. He was getting moody. He kicked a rock and yelled in annoyance. He carried on trying to look for something. Even if it was just somewhere to rest.
The drums were bad and he felt quite exhausted. He continued to scan the area. Nothing , Nothing and more nothing.

The Doctor grumbled and straightened his collar, affronted by the TARDIS tossing him out onto this barren world. He didn’t understand why, but she had insisted they come here. Now he was in a distinctly bad mood as he surveyed the unfortunate landscape.

"But this is boring!" he whined bitterly. If the ship had heard him, she gave no indication. When he tried to turn back, however, he found that the doors had locked behind him and a small electric shock met his key in the lock.

Hunching his shoulders against the wind, the Doctor set out across the wasteland in front of him, scanning the horizon for any sign of life. There had better be something bloody important on this godforsaken rock, he thought. 

Just as he was about to turn back for another go at the TARDIS, a figure appeared in the distance. On closer inspection, he found it was one that he recognized.

"Master," he greeted the other man gravely. "And here I thought you were dead. …Twice. What are you doing here?"


Celeste rapped on the door to Mr. Smith’s office with her knuckles, before opening it slowly and carrying in a tray of food. She had gotten a job as a maid since the mysterious statues sent her back in time. All she’d wanted was a vacation, not a trip to 1913 with no return! “Your breakfast, sir.” she said, smiling politely. A pocket watch was left on a desk, giving off a very faint light golden glow. It caught her eye, but she dismissed it as nothing. She’d chosen a new name for herself, Caroline Adair, a name she borrowed from her sister before the incident happened. It wasn’t important. She also had to disguise herself magically. A woman with cat ears, a tail, and red eyes would be suspicious, and not many people were as light blonde as she was. A darker blonde, green eyes, and a human form did the trick just fine, and for an extra touch, made herself look closer to her actual age rather than the age she appeared to be. Full moons and anti-magic fields were still a problem, however…

John Smith sat at his desk pouring over students’ papers. He hated grading the drills nearly as much as he loathed assigning them, but the school insisted it was necessary to the lads’ progress.

He’d been up since dawn, awoken again by strange dreams. He had hoped that the drudgery of grading might settle his nerves but so far it had only increased his sense of unreality. This life did not feel like his own and yet, some form of madness was the only explanation he could find for such a thing.

At the knock on his door, John set the papers aside and turned toward the sound enquiringly. “Yes, come in!” he called to the voice on the other side.


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