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The Dust On This Poem Could Choke You/ Lora Mathis lora-mathis (via possibilityofliving)

(Source: peetahales)

The Doctor knelt down beside her, smiling kindly. "Hello, I'm the Doctor. What's wrong, luv?"



"N-nothing, I’m sorry." She said, trying to get to her feet as quickly as possible as she furiously wiped the tears from her eyes. "J-just a bad day, that’s all…" She tried to explain. ‘A bad day’ was alway an easier excuse to give than explaining she had had an anxiety attack.

Osgood dug her hands into the railing of the console as instructed, trying her best to keep her feet planted firmly on the ground. The last thing she wanted was to be thrown to the ground on the way to their mystery destination. But, as bumpy as she had read rides on the TARDIS could be, this was quite gentler than she had expected. 

She watched him carefully, mesmerized by the way he so effortlessly piloted the ship, moving around the console as if he had done it thousands of times before. To be fair, that was most likely the case. 

When the mostly steady ride came to a stop, Osgood let peeled her hands off of the railing. She suspected the Doctor had tried a great deal to keep things so smooth for her- what with how her day had been going up until this point- and she was so grateful. 

As he called her towards the door, the scientist couldn’t help the grin forming on her face. She hadn’t really any idea where they had ended up, but she knew it would be amazing. Shaking slightly with anticipation, she leaned forward to carefully look outside the TARDIS. With her hand on the doorframe, she was careful to stay inside in case they really had ended up somewhere dangerous and she needed to get away quickly. 

But that was not the case. Instead of any imminent danger, she was greeted with the most amazing landscape she had ever seen. Never having been one for travel- especially with how anxious packing and security and going away from home made her- Osgood never got to see anything but her little world in London. 

"This is… Oh god, wow." She breathed out, shaking her head lightly. Eyes wide and mouth open slightly, Osgood couldn’t believe she was really here. Never in her life did she think she would be standing in Peru, let alone in 1483. "I… This is Peru… I’m in Peru.” She said after a long pause. She was practically speechless. 

The Doctor couldn’t contain the broad grin that split his face as she poked her head out. It was a change of pace from all the charging around he was used to doing but it was funny and sort of sweet to see her shy about it all.

One hand on her shoulder, he slipped around her out of the door and turned back to face her, still smiling. “No,” he said softly, shaking his head in wry amusement. Reaching for her hands, the Doctor would give Osgood a light tug to coax her to follow him outside. “Now you’re in Peru.”

"S’alright. Nothing to be scared of. C’mon." He had landed them on top of the Sun Gate for spectacular effect but it did mean they were awkwardly close to the guard patrols. Still, the TARDIS was well out of sight. They just needed to scrabble down to the ground unnoticed.

Eyeing the narrow set of stone stairs at the back of the gatehouse, the Doctor glanced back at her. “Are you prepared to do a light bit of sneaking about?” he asked mischievously. 


Three men unsheathe their sonic screwdrivers

One aims it - like a weapon

One points it - like a tool

One flourishes it - like a magic wand

The Doctor and The Guardian (Closed RP with thetenthlordoftime)


It…really wasn’t easy being blind. Ugh, she hated it. She hated it so much, this darkness that veiled her sight. But she had learned to deal with it…for the most part. Mari wasn’t in such a very good mood this particular afternoon, and all the stumbling around only made it worse. The crystals tried to help her by leading her to where she wanted to go, which sort of worked, but only until she strayed off the path and fell into unknown territory, as far as she knew. Lost. Lost in her own forest! Ugh, she wanted to scream!

"I hate being blind." The Guardian grumbled into the dirt. Picking herself up again, she tried to listen to her surroundings.

But what she heard next was unlike anything she had ever heard before. This strained, whooshing…grating sound. What…what WAS that?

Setting the TARDIS to a random destination was always an adventure. Especially when, occassionally, he ended up somewhere he’d never been before. The planet on his scanner certainly looked lovely but it was a bit prickly as landing conditions went.

Specifically, something on the surface was preventing the TARDIS from landing. “Oh c’mon! Don’t give me that!” he hollered at the ship, determined to have his fun. Suddenly, whatever barrier was in place gave way and he felt the TARDIS lurch and then hurtled toward the spot he’d chosen.

She wasn’t used to dropping out of the atmosphere and she flickered out of phase just before landing, knocking him to his knees. At last she materialized properly a small distance away and promptly shut down. Brown eyes went wide as the Time Lord realized she had stranded him out of temper. “Oi! I’m in charge here!” he wheezed a little weakly, glaring around at the control room. A not so subtle feeling of disdain was all he got in return.

As the Doctor poked his head out the door, he was immediately entranced by a brilliant array of crystals. They were absolutely everywhere in the dense forest and his face split into a wide grin at the sight.

"Anybody home?" he called out into the glade.

The Puzzle Girl || Closed RP with thetenthlordoftime ^_^



It was cold in the cell at Torchwood. But Emily had been there so long she barely noticed the chill now, other than the icy feeling in her fingers. She knew she was different, kids at school would point out her differences when she was young. Her eyes would glow like a cats when the bullies would start trouble, and she was noticeably fast and agile for her age.

After an insident at school, she moved away with her family. After that, she had been on the run, eventually running alone to keep her family safe. But that didn’t matter now. Torchwood caught her. The bizzar energy she gave off and even used for deffence was now being harvested by Torchwood. One time they shot a cannon using her as a battery and she was unconscious for days.

It proved to her that humans couldn’t be trusted. But she still hoped that there was one person somewhere out there that could help her. She hugged her knees and hid her face as tears spilled. "Please… someone help me… Anyone… please…" She silently begged as her shoulders quivered with muffled sobs.

He could feel the TARDIS pulling in the vortex and frowned at the console. “What is it now?” the Doctor question sharply. Every single time he tried to get to the beach, this happened. Every. Single. Time. With a sigh of resignation, the Doctor gave up and let the ship go where she wanted. She always won every fight. Just then, the psychic paper burned him right through the fabric of his coat and he jumped sideways, digging it out and looking at it.

Please… someone help me… Anyone… please…

Well that was it then. Now there wasn’t any choice. Suddenly, he was all business, guiding the ship at high speed toward her new destination. He had no idea, of course, what he was getting into but it was usually more fun that way.

The moment they landed, the Doctor could tell something was wrong. Something about this felt weird and he couldn’t put his finger on it. But it was…familiar. The room outside the doors was dingy and dark but his keen hearing instantly picked up the sound of crying.

"Hello?" he called softly into the gloom. "Who’s there?"

allonsysaidhe whispered:



//AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOLLYYYYYYYYYY -tackles aggressively and flops- Hi. ^_^

^ actual photo of me being excited to see mandy you guys


allonsysaidhe whispered:

//AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOLLYYYYYYYYYY -tackles aggressively and flops- Hi. ^_^

Out of the Sun | | thedevilsbartender


"Careful. Sharks can smell blood," he joked. Though it was sincere as well. There were any number of folks around who would take advantage of any weakness they could. And that was anywhere. But in New York City, with its high concentration of people, you just happened to run a higher risk of stumbling into one. 

Joe nodded and got the man his drink. Pushing it over, he said, “What’s cut you, man? If you want to talk about it, I mean.” 


"Don’t I know it," the Doctor chuckled in return. He was no stranger to being kicked while he was down. At least maybe he wouldn’t be quite so much of a target in this universe.

Taking his drink, the metacrisis took a cautious sip. Although the alcohol tasted bitter on his tongue, it would seem this human hybrid of sorts wasn’t quite as sensitive to flavors as the original. Another, larger, sip followed. A wry smile crossed the Doctor’s lips for just a moment at the thought of actually telling the man the truth. It would be fun to watch his reaction, at least. Less fun to be locked up in some sort of institution though.

"Well…I s’pose, in a way, it all started with a girl," he mused aloud. "But then, what good story doesn’t?"

ancientdeath whispered:
"I have something to show you, will you come?"




"S’pose I could. Who are you?"

"I am Death," the grim specter smiled. "We have met several times, in fact. Do you remember?"

A slight shiver passed over the Doctor’s narrow shoulders. “Oh. You,” he answered coldly. His face shut down, expression becoming carefully blank. “What do you want with me this time?”

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